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The Shamans Drum

The Shamanic Drum is considered one of the oldest methods for healing and each drum has its own important role to play. It is a living spirit that carries the heartbeat of its owner. The plants, animals, minerals and elemental forces all exist within the circle of the drum.

It is known as the horse to carry you on your journey.

Drumming opens the shamans inner, spiritual ears and eyes and also calls in the helping spirits and the ancestors. 

The vibration of the drum is able to shift the mind into a inner state of consciousness giving access to the entire universe. When the drum is played it is able to bring awareness to our inner selves and has the power to shift energy stuck within us.

The Shamanic Drum is made in ceremony, calling in the spirits that wish to be part of it. Through this process the Shaman is guided on how to work with the drum.

Song Of The Drum

My drum has many voices.

My drum tells me stories.

This drum is full of mystery.

This drum is full of dreams.

Listen to the drumbeat.

Listen to the heartbeat.

Now you hear the hoof beat.

Now you hear the wing beat.

All are One.


Shamanic Drumming

Relax, release & receive